" We had an aging PABX system which no longer met our businesses telephony requirements. We needed some advanced UC features and a solid disaster recovery solution. Having the option of being able to on-sell our selected telephony solution to our own customer base was also a consideration."




CableNet needed the deployment carried out quickly, as they were hindered by their existing system. Their business was heavily reliant on their telephony system so the setup and installation needed to involve as little down time as possible.

As a technology services company it was very important for CableNet to not only understand the latest communications solutions available but to actually use them too. They wanted to ensure their new solution was completely flexible, and could be expanded or upgraded as required, without the worry of hardware becoming obsolete. In essence, CableNet wanted to ensure whichever solution they selected was future-proofing their business for years to come.

With three offices nationwide, and a mobile workforce, CableNet wanted to connect all three office phone systems together, to act as one seamless site, ensuring a great customer experience was achieved even if one site was busy. Being able to make Video Calls as well as Voice Calls was something CableNet thought could be very useful given the spread of their team nationwide.

They also wanted the option of being able to on-sell and support whichever system they selected to their customer base, this consideration meant that a truly built for business, high quality solution was of particular importance to them.


CableNet selected Atlas Gentech’s Cloud Factory Solution, powered by Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s IPECS Cloud Platform, as it solved all of their businesses telephony challenges, and did so with no upfront costs and a low total cost of ownership.

They deployed multiple Ericsson-LG Enterpise LIP-9000 desk phones nationwide, with mobile extension attached for those staff out of the office on a regular basis, the solution also included three Ericsson-LG Enterprise LIP-9071 video phones. These video phones enable staff nationwide to make video conference calls as required, very simply.

Web portal access gave CableNet the control they required to manage their own voice solution, as well as their customers, it also provided them visibility of their call costs and billing.

The solution was programmed by Atlas Gentech’s Ericsson-LG Enterprise trained Cloud Factory engineers, and deployment nationwide was provided by Voicepro in Auckland, CTS in Wellington and internally for the Christchurch office. At their own admission the solution has performed flawlessly, and they will be recommending it to all of their customers nationwide.

Download a copy of the CableNet case study here.



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